One of our patient account representatives will contact you prior to your procedure. They will collect necessary insurance coverage information to expedite the registration process for you. If you have not heard from them within 48 hours of your procedure, PLEASE CALL US AT (352) 385-3101 or (352) 385-3104 and request someone to assist you in providing this information.

We will file your insurance for you for the coverage of the routine equipment and supplies, pre-procedural services, routine drugs and anesthetics administered while in the Center, procedural room time and recovery charges.

Standard outpatient procedures are generally covered by your medical insurance. You may be asked for a partial payment upon admission to the center, dependent upon your insurance coverage. We make every effort to advise you of this amount prior to your admission. Full payment for the deductible and co-pay, if applicable, is required upon admission.

  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • We also accept personal checks, cash, cashier’s checks and money order

You will be billed separately for services from your physician, anesthesiologist, pathologist or any other laboratory service received.

List of accepted insurance

1. Blue Cross Blue Shields-our facility is in network with BC/BS
2. United Healthcare (PPO/HMO)- our facility is in network with UHC
3. Medicare

As for any other major insurance that we are not in contracted with, patients may elect to have surgery at our facility as long as the patient has an out of network coverage on their benefit plan.

Patients with the following insurance can have their surgery done at our facility:
1. All Blue Cross/Blue Shields (PPO, HMO)
2. Care Plus HMO (Medicare Replacement Policy)
3. Aetna PPO Plans
4. Cigna PPO Plans
5. Tricare/Humana PPO plans
6. Tricare Prime

If you have any questions about any of the preceding information, please do not hesitate to call us at (352) 383-1268.